Cardigan Copy: Forever 21 Plagiarizes Again

Forever 21 accused of copying Richmond company's sweater designs

Photo by Granted Clothing , Instagram, Featured photo by Jezebel

Granted Clothing is a small, family owned clothing boutique in Richmond, B.C. Their wool cardigans are hand-knitted, and designed in the Richmond store, taking an average of 20 hours to be produced, and retail for an average of $400.

The photo on the right shows Granted Clothing cardigans on the right, which are almost identical to the Forever 21 copies on the left. The Forever 21 imposters cost $47.90, nearly three-quarters the price of the original cardigans.
Since the Forever 21 sweaters are machine made and imported, they are able to be sold for a fraction of the cost.

Granted Clothing posted the photo to their instagram account, along with the accompanying statement:

“As independent business owners and designers of our garments we feel it is important to inform you of an unfortunate and ongoing problem in our industry. This utter lack of respect has literally left us shaking our heads in disbelief. On the left are imitations of our designs and on the right are our original designs made here in our Vancouver design studio. They are blatant copies of our designs, right down to the colours used.”

Brian Hirano of Granted Clothing has reached out to Forever 21, but has yet to receive a reply. While they weigh their options on the course of action to take against the store, they are unsure whether or not they will take legal action.

“We haven’t really looked into the legal side of things. We do have a copyright and a trademark on our logo, but it is really difficult to trademark everything that you design,” said Hirano.

This is not the first time that the clothing giant has came under fire for copyright infringement. The clothing company had  been sued over 50 times by various clothing companies such as Anna Sui, Trovota  and 3.1 Phillip for alleged design plagiarism.

Stay tuned for updates.

How do you feel about this scandal? Let us know in the comments.

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