Cards Against Humanity: Black Friday And Bullsh*t

Black Friday (the Friday after America’s Thanksgiving) is a day where people in the United States flock to malls, stores and their laptops to rake in huge savings and extraordinary deals. The trend has seeped into other countries such as Canada and England, bringing huge lines, chaos and, of course, sales.

The “Bullshit” package that was sent out to roughly 30,000 consumers

So how does a company that opposes the “holiday” combat Black Friday? By selling you literal bull-shit! Creators of Cards Against Humanity (the offensive yet fun card game) removed the game from their website, leaving you unable to purchase it on Black Friday, and instead hosted a link offering you a chance to purchase $6 poop. There were 30,000 boxes up for grabs, and all of them were sold out in a mere 30 minutes. I understand the urge to fight Black Friday, and holiday consumerism, but is selling fans boxes of actual crap the answer? There’s no doubt that this stunt has garnered the game lots of attention and publicity, so was this really a gaff at consumers, or was this simply a cry for attention? One thing is for certain, many customers are NOT happy. While there was a warning on the site stating that purchasers would be receiving real sanitized bull excrement, many were surprised to open the box and find what was advertised. Others knew what they were receiving but were hoping to be given another item in the box. No word yet on how Cards Against Humanity will handle the media frenzy, but let’s just hope their reaction won’t stink as much as this stunt. How do you feel about this Black Friday Scandal? Do you agree with Cards Against Humanity and their “Bullshit” or are you opposed? Let us know in the comments.

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