West Jet Does It Right…Once Again

Since 2012, WestJet has been trying to bring holiday cheer by creating the Miracle Campaign. This campaign was first started in Dec. 4, 2012 when a flash mob broke out in the Calgary International Airport. WestJet employees and volunteers dressed up as elves, reindeer, and carollers to dance and entertain the passengers. They started small, giving away a bag of little goodies, including an iPod and picture with Santa before boarding the plane.

Then, last year, WestJet released another campaign video. With the help of 175 WestJet volunteers, three airports, and Santa himself, the team brought a christmas miracle to 250 passengers. Before their flight, each passenger was asked by Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Then, as the passengers boarded the plane, the volunteers were busy at work getting everything the passengers had asked for. Once the passengers arrived at their destination, instead of getting their bags at baggage claim, they realized there were gifts all wrapped up with their names on it. Not only did this bring joy to the families who boarded the plane, but also to everyone else who has seen this amazing campaign over YouTube and various social media outlets. The video was shared like wildfire, viewed in total by 36 million people around the world.

And when you thought they couldn’t blow our socks off, they did again this year by bringing the campaign back with another twist! This year, they brought Santa to Nuevo Renacer in the Dominican Republic and asked the villagers what they wanted for Christmas. The next day, they were in for a treat when they found snow and gifts for them.

WestJet has continued this campaign because they know how many people they can impact with just a campaign, with the addition of increasing brand awareness. This public relations strategy is effective because it improves their image in the public eye. Why has this campaign been so successful? The difference between these videos and any other marketing tool is that this video is packed with smiling face of both children and adults. People simply enjoy seeing other people happy. But more importantly, this particular video is unique. The fact that they shared their generosity with others and truly employed the art of giving has truly touched people’s hearts on a deep, emotional level. “The WestJet holiday video has become a tradition for us, an opportunity for WestJetters to enrich lives through our fun and caring culture,” said Bob Cummings, WestJet executive vice-president of sales Marketing and guest experience. “Having shared the holiday spirit last year with our guests in Toronto, Hamilton and Calgary that resulted in the more than 36 million views of the video in every country around the world, we decided to celebrate Christmas this year with a community that is near and dear to our hearts. This was our chance to give the people of Nuevo Renacer a once-in-a-lifetime experience – a Canadian Christmas.”

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