How To Thrive : Yourself and Your Business

In today’s day and age, with the rise of social media, it is very easy to promote yourself and your brand. Alternatively, it’s much easier to dig your own grave.

Here are some tips and tricks to building your brand, and to saving yourself from a scandal

1.  Tap into all social media platforms

As we all know, there are numerous social media websites flooding the Internet these days. There is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc. By creating a presence on as many of these social media outlets as possible, you are sure to reach the largest amount of people possible. Also, by participating on a variety of different platforms, you or your business is required to create different types of content. This can include text posts, pictures, videos and more. These different types of content will appeal to different sections of your target audience, which will allow you to break into many different niche markets, as opposed to only one.

2.  Think before you speak

Too many times a brand will become banished by their supporters and consumers because of a quick tweet or statement that was not thought through. Before saying ANYTHING ANYWHERE ask yourself if it will offend anyone. If you know that it will, or are unsure and think that it might, simply do not say it. Just go back to the drawing board and come up with something else.

3. Take responsibility for your actions

No matter how hard we try to plan, organize and revise, there is always a chance that things will go poorly. If you find yourself in the middle of a scandal or crisis, always own up to what you have done wrong. By acknowledging the situation, you are letting your audience know that you are aware, and are not avoiding the situation. Next, you must make amends. The damage has already been done, you cannot change that. By apologizing sincerely, you are taking responsibility for the mishap and helping to re-build trust between your consumers and supporters.

4. Never Lie

The most important tip is to NEVER LIE. No matter how hard you try to avoid the truth, it will come out, and when it does, you will lose trust and ruin your reputation. It is much easier to avoid a scandal than it is to fix the mess you have made.

5. Use honest emotions

Emotional appeal is very powerful. If you spark an emotion in someone, and tug at their heartstrings, they will remember your message. There is no doubt that these emotional approaches work, but they only work if it is real. If you are faking your emotion by pretending to cry, embellishing your story, or speaking emotionally about something that you do not truly feel for, the audience will know.

If you follow these guidelines when promoting yourself or your company, you will be sure to succeed and better avoid a PR scandal.

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